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Feel Good Picks

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Romy in the Desert


One-of-a-kind pieces built from heirlooms sourced from around the world. Jewelry to inspire, endowed with age, wisdom and life.

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Sol Authentica

Artisan Made Hats & Accessories

Intentionally crafted to align with the four elements of the universe. Whether you live in a city, near the mountains, at the beach or in the desert, our hats offer the perfect balance of protection from the sun and connection to your element.

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Lauren Frost Vintage

Curated Vintage Clothing & Styling

Vintage occasion wear, sold to private clients and seen on film and red carpets. Stand-out wearable vintage... you don’t need the occasion - you are the occasion! 

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Brown Bag Books

Mobile Bookseller

Brown Bag Books is an independent bookshop and reading accoutrement store that brings a hand picked, unique stock of goods to customers of all backgrounds and ages.

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