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The Spring Resort & Spa

Looking to extend your Feel Good Festival experience with a spa day or weekend stay? Look no further than The Spring Resort & Spa, our treasured local hot springs spa in Desert Hot Springs.

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The Therapeutic Wonders of The Spring

Nestled atop a vortex, The Spring has the privilege of being cradled between both hot and cold springs below, with exclusive access to the hottest spring in the entire valley that springs forth at a steamy 160 degrees. The well, digging deep at 170 feet into the ground, allows the extraction of this thermal wonder, which is then meticulously tempered to fill three pools with varying temperatures to suit every comfort.


In addition to having access to the hottest geothermal water in the valley, guests of The Spring are ensured a blissful and peaceful experience throughout treatments, soakings, and massages with their signature Whisper-Tone Policy, a rare quietude policy that lays the foundation for an undisturbed, healing sanctuary amidst the bustling world.

Start your journey into Feeling Good...

We could explore endlessly the tranquil charm of 

The Spring, and we're proud to have them as partners in our first year. 

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